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My Testimony

Rev. Joseph R. Diaz, RN, BSN

joe tacomaI do not have a fancy testimony of deliverance from drugs or crime or anything exciting. But my testimony one of deliverance from Hell. I was born in 1947, in Chicago, Illinois, to a born-again mother and to a Filipino father who seemingly hated God, who was anything but a God-fearing man. Of course, I do not remember those early days of my life. I do know however that the Lord had begun to shape my life from early on is.

I was born with Epilepsy (Grand Mal Seizures almost everyday). But one day, my grandmother (a former spiritistist) lifted me up in our little church in Nottingham Park, IL which she and my grandfather pastored and prayed for a deliverance and healing for me, (see Matt 21:22 and James 5:14). By the time I was 10, I had my last seizure! Praise the name of the Lord! It could have been that I outgrew the seizures but I like to think that God had His hand on me! I believe that prayer changes things and that the prayers of a righteous man (or woman) avail much. (See James 5:16) There is power in that name and whoever calls upon it will be heard! God always answers prayer with keeping HIs will if we are dedicated towards wanting HIs will in our lives. That is Gospel truth, dearly beloved friend and loved one!

When I was 5, my dad gave my mom an ultimatum. Go with him to the Philippines or stay here and get a divorce. My paternal grand parents had died leaving him property and he wanted to go cash in on his inheritance. The Lord told Mom that He was going to use her in the Philippines and that she was to go to the Philippines. So in 1952, we boarded the USS President Wilson and headed to the Philippines via Hawaii and Japan. About 28 days later, we arrived in Manila, in the Philippines to start a new life.

Mom and I used to go to the parks and distribute Gospel tracts. I remember that we used to go to the park along Dewey Boulevard on Manila bay and I used to say “Here is a leaflet that tells you about my mother’s friend.” That was the beginning of my ministry, I think! In 1954, I was saved at the knees of my mother at a Baptist church in Manila during the Sunday School hour. The load of sin was immediately taken off my shoulder as I began to walk with the Lord…I was one of the sheep that Jesus rescued. I was baptized a few years later at a United Church of Christ of the Philippines (UCCP), when we moved up into Baguio City in the Mountain Province, by immersion. This signified a picture of my salvation, being dead to my sins and rising to newness of life as Jesus bought life with His blood for me!

In 1962, as a sophomore in High School, a missionary from Manila preached at our church in Baguio City. I saw a vision where I saw many people rushing toward a Burning city and I was rushing towards them, begging them to turn back and flee the city. That troubled me for a few weeks. I finally went to the Lord and asked Him what the vision meant. I was led to believe that the Lord wanted me to go to the masses with a message of His love and a warning of certain destruction for those that fail to heed the call of God. This was to shape my desire for ministry later on.

After graduating from High School, I attended Baptist Bible Seminary and Institute (BBSI) near Manila for a semester then my family returned to the United States. About a year and a half later, I joined the US Navy and became a Hospital Corpsman (formerly known as “Pharmacist Mate.” or “Medic”) I was attached to the US Marines and sent to Vietnam in 1966, returning to the U.S. In the Fall of 1967. I began to drink and smoke and ultimately backslid. But you see, God had a plan for my life all along. I left Vietnam without a scratch. Two weeks after I left the area, the base I was stationed at was totally obliterated by rocket fire. But for the grace of God there go I. I later had made 3 attempts at my life (PTSD) secondary to PTSD but the Lord would not let me die. He has a plan for my life as He does for your life.

The Lord made it possible for me to get a full scholarship from the US Public Health Service to attend Nursing school and was awarded a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) in 1981! I began to work with the Indians on 3 reservations as a nurse (RN), then with inmates and detainees at a prison, then at an INS detention center in California where I was used to minister to about a dozen inmates. I could have been fired had it been discovered but God providentially protected me because I was not hired to be a chaplain…I was hired to be a nurse to 1200 or so federal inmates who were in prison for charges of drug use and trafficking to murder. Some were there for a few years, others for life without parole) All 12 of these inmates professed faith in the finished work of Christ on Calvary and had invited Him into their lives to be their Lord and Savior. Of these, during the 4 ½ years I worked at the prison, none of them came back to prison. I do not know what they were in prison for. That is immaterial/ What IS important is that they gave their hearts to the Lord! To God be the glory and honor for saving these men. Other inmates I did not have a chance to minister to had a recidivism rate (return to prison following release) of around 65 %, if I recall the statistics correctly. That is high. My conclusion after that experience is that truly, “If any man/woman is in Christ, he/she is a new creature…Old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new.” Hallelujah! What a test of God’s Word! Welllll…Glory!!! This is exciting and I thank God for allowing me this privilege to minister to the unloved population of that prison on Terminal Island, San Pedro, CA.

In 1983, I was miraculously delivered from smoking, drinking, Marijuana use and carousing and I rededicated my life back to the Lord. In 1984, I was licensed as a minister with a major denomination out of Torrance, CA. I began preaching evangelizing on the Navajo Indian Reservation and did that for approximately 4 years. God blessed that ministry with souls! Praise His dear name! I also was involved for a year with televangelism out of Farmington, New Mexico. The Lord also blessed that outreach!
While working at the prison and INS Detention center later, I served as an Assistant pastor at a church in San Pedro. Those were fun years, learning about the art of preaching and being counselor to some of the folks there. I gave it up after 5 years of ministry to move back to the Midwest because I was offered a nursing job in Chicago, IL as an HMO Coordinator. Previous to this departure, I worked in several local hospitals in Medical/Surgical units, Emergency Rooms and for a couple of HMOs as well as for an Insurance Company for which I served as an Quality Control Nurse inspector for participating Doctors’ offices.
In 2000, I received an invitation to go to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to join a conference of evangelists and pastors from all over the world, with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, called Amsterdam 2000. I applied and was accepted to attend among other 10,000 or so delegates! I was blessed to be able to attend! I had my call to the ministry confirmed while there, when the Holy Spirit began to lay on my heart a ministry in Internet Evangelism. I initially balked as I did not know how to go about doing this, being new to the web and Internet. But the Lord instilled in me that this was what He wanted and would teach me as I went along. This is being updated in January of 2013 and the site is still going strong with over 200,000 viewed the site according to a counmter my webmaster put on the site! Praise the Lord! Only eternity will reveal what good the ministry has done! It is God’s ministry and not mine since I am but an instrument in the hands of the Great Architect and lover of our souls! I met many who invited me to their countries to minister. (One particular country was Kenya where a pastor is the head of a church that has a hospital they support. I was asked to bring a medical team to Kenya to conduct medical clinics to evangelize in the bush country and to conduct pastoral conferences). While in Amsterdam, a stirring in my spirit began to take place. I was not satisfied to just be a Christian and preach once in a while. I had to do more. While in prayer, His Love Extended Ministries International was born in my heart! My desire is to see people saved, healed and delivered and aim to allow God to use me and whomever I work with to do just that! He is able, folks! We have this web site (www.hisloveextended.Com where the essentials of eternal life are presented by means of evangelistic and spiritually uplifting messages in devotionals, sermons, selected Scripture and to share medical and Christian news and selected clean jokes and thoughts to be considered and then we have the club on Yahoo ( where we share messages of love and hope and even have fun as well as well as Christian fellowship among subscribers! We also began in the same year a prayer group where the members pray around the clock for your prayer needs at
I take no praise for this humble means of sharing the Word. God orchestrated the different forums as we went forward with the ministry of sharing the Word! I knew nothing about the Internet (why would God give me a task I knew nothing about?) I believe He wants us to be pliable and dependent on His leading and His guidance to keep us humble before Him if we are to be taking part of God’s great calling out of people into HIs wonderful light!. Please remember, God qualifies the unqualified so we are dependent on Him to mold us into whatever He wants us to be and certainly that is my wish and desire for myself.
Had I known about what I was getting into I do not believe that this ministry would have enjoyed success with souls saved and believers encouraged and some deliverances since August of 2000! God sent a lady I never knew, talked or chatted with to me via the Internet (believe it or not this is the Gospel truth!) and volunteered to build a website for this ministry, His Love Extended Ministries International without charge as her donation to the ministry and the Lord! How did she find me? I frankly cannot answer that except to say that she was sent by God to help me get this ministry off the ground. I have had to ask her from time to time to make some improvements which she did without complaint! God bless Rhonda!

This ministry has not been without difficulties. Not too long ago, the Message Board where there are some different forums as sermons, devotionals, poetry, etc. was overran by obnoxious messages with hard porn as well as people trying to use the site as a classified ad agency. I had to keep deleting these messages but could not keep up with them. They were posted almost as fast as I would delete others. I was concerned about the testimony AND the message we are trying to bring to a world of needy folks would have (if not already) been defiled and compromised. So I wrote Rhonda, the lady who built the website, who was able with the help of one of her friends, to make it so only she or me could post messages, thus ending the career of those hackers on this ministry’s website and we were in the business of sharing the Gospel with those who need to read God’s message of love, healing and deliverance and as God enables me to, I will continue this ministry as my life’s work till God brings me home!
From time to time, I continue to receive invitations to minister from countries around the world such as India, China the Philippines and here in the US and as God enables with His provision, we intend to do just that in obedience and love for Him) The Lord just blessed us with His presence! Many times we held hands with those around us and called on the Lord to forgive us for our complacency with His Gospel and ministry and refill us with a renewed zeal and vision for winning souls! By God’s grace, I was able to combine a visit with my Dad who lived in the Philippines with being a keynote conference speaker for a Pastors’ Conference on the Island of Negros in the Visayan Archipelago south of Manila. One memorable experience was a young woman who yelled and screamed profanities while I was preaching, running towards the front of the church and foaming at the mouth. I prayed for her with other pastors present at the conference for over two hours and the Lord delivered her from several demonic influences and control. What a beautiful countenance ensued when all was done and said! Hallelujah!
In late December of 2002, I was afforded an opportunity to establish a ministry on the In Jesus Network. I did this for a while until I had to devote almost all of my available time with the His Love Extended Ministries, International so someone else took over where I left off.

My prayer is “Lord use me and these resources to Your glory!” We do not want to make a name for ourselves as some would. This is why it is NOT called the Joe Diaz Evangelistic Ministries. We want to extend God’s love to all generations in recognition of Romans 5:8: “But God extended His love to us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” We want to help those who are hurting and in need of godly wisdom as well as those who need to be saved and/or delivered.

I served as an Assistant Pastor at a Church in San Pedro, California in 1989 through to 1995 and at a church in Lebanon, Indiana from 2001 to October, 2002 as a Licensed Minister. In October, 2002, I was ordained to the Gospel ministry. I lost my ordination papers when my wife filed for divorce against me because divorce is not acceptable for any reason in that denomination. The separation reasons do not need to be brought up here. They serve no good reason to be brought up in this forum. I decided not to pursue reordination since I do not need papers to do what I do. God ordains, not mankind so I am ordained in the sight of God Who called me into the ministry back in 1962! However, not too long later, an Evangelical Bishop/Pastor in Nebraska voluntarily ordained me for life under the auspices of her church and ministry in Lincoln, Nebraska.
In 1996, I received a full scholarship to attend the Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis and finished the equivalent of 3 years, going part time so I could work to support my family. In the latter part of my Junior year, my New Testament professor made a wild accusation which stopped me cold in my tracks of pursuit of educational excellence. He said that Jesus Is NOT the Son of God but was a prophet and teacher. I challenged him on this and was told that he has the PhD and therefore has reliability. Sorry…the Bible has a higher scope of reliability and definitely paints Jesus as “THE SON OF GOD” If Jesus is not God, He could not have paid the penalty for our sins – death and His shed blood and all our efforts in the Lord’s service is in vain. I did not have to pray about this…I will not be “educated” by oxymorons who pretend to know the truth but do not know the Lord. The President of the seminary at the time I was going there was a minister who was just as legalistic and obnoxious as the rest. This is not a judgment but an observation, folks! My mind and my heart are not receptacles of filth and untruths. They are God’s and I will not fill them with trash and in effect become as liberal as that professor. I kissed my Master’s Degree away but I do not need an MDiv either, just like my ordination papers. God teaches me through His Word and clarifies by the Holy Spirit Whom I trust and serve! I was working toward a PhD in Christian Psychology and Theology but plans changed.
The Lord has been teaching me about His salvation being a permanent condition and To say that one can “lose his or her salvation is a slap in the face of the Lord Jesus. John 3:16 teaches that if we believe, we receive “eternal life.” There are other passages which bear this vital truth. If one is truly saved, he/she has ETERNAL LIFE. God said it, I believe it and that settles it! No one deserved salvation in the first place so how can he or she sin and lose salvation or be unsaved? Ephesians 2:8 and 9 say we are saved by God’s grace through faith and not by our good works. But if we do sin, we are told that we have an “advocate with the Father” Who is no One else but Jesus!

I want to be able to reach people of all walks and religious affiliations – all of God’s humanity as enabled by His Spirit. I consider it a privilege and an honor as well as a great responsibility to go forth and teach all nations of any denomination or creed as the Lord leads without the entrapment of a denomination or creed…sowing in the name of the Lord to all peoples who would be led to the website or any of my groups on Yahoo!

I am available to travel and evangelize, hold seminars or fill pulpit supply as God provides the funds and invitations. But am dependent on the Lord to provide the funds to travel with as well as for the expenses which would be incurred in this kind of ministry. Recently, in early 2007, I received two invitations to preach and evangelize…Kenya and Pakistan. I am waiting for funds to be able to go as invited. I am confident that the Lord’s will be done! I am surrendered to it. I have also received a couple of invitations to go to India to evangelize.

In the Fall of 2002, I was diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s Disease which turned out to be a wrong diagnosis for me after extensive neurological testing and a PET Scan at my insistence at the VA Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.
I recently had a chest x-ray which showed a spot on the llower lobe of my left lung. A CT Scan of my lungs was ordered which revealed that the spot is gone! No spot was seen. Only God could have performed this miracle!

God is El Shaddai, the all-sufficient God and Jehovah Rophe, the God Who heals all our diseases! Hallelujah!
God has greatly blessed this ministry. Over 200,000 that I know of have come to the site and my prayer is that God will continue to use this site to reveal Himself to thousands or millions to the end that many will be saved, sealed and delivered from homosexuality to atheism or indifference to unbelief. I have received many reports of salvation and one man was delivered from homosexuality that I know of! I do not pick fights over issues. People will and do have issues and pick fights with the Bible but God’s Word is sure and it will not return to Him void. Praise His dear name! So I am careful to be faithful to that God has commissioned me to do…to go into all the world and preach the Gospel and that is exactly what I desire to do for HIs glory!

Praise the Lord! satan tried to put me down but God had other plans! I am fine, glory to God! Your prayers are coveted. This ministry will go on indefinitely as I am able to, sharing the love of God.

On the first of February in 2014, a minister friend from my church prophesied as we were going into prayer that God is going to use me in ministry in a mighty way for His glory! I cannot be dead and be able to do that. I am available for whatever task I am given as long as he gives me the strength. As I write this, I have cancer for which I will be operated on in a week’s time but because of my faith and trust in God, and the prophecy was so clear of God’s wanting to use me, I believe I will survive this sentence from hell and I will become a survivor of cancer by God’s grace. As with Job, “Though He slay me yet will I trust Him.” God does not afflict us with disease. It is an attack from hell and God will bring the victory. I covet your prayers for God to have His way with me.

Sometime in January of 2014, I was asked to be a co owner of three other Christian groups, God is expanding my horizons as has been my prayer recently.


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My e-mail addy, for your convenience is: This website is linked Facebook and vice versa and my page is “Joe Diaz”
God bless you as you seek His will for your life! He loves you and is He that sticks closer than a brother would! Amen!
In His amazing and unending love,
Rev. Joe Diaz III