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Precious Papers

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Wednesday, July 20
Precious Papers

Forever, O LORD, Your word is settled in heaven. Psalm 119:89

Recommended Reading
Psalm 119:89-96
What’s the value in a piece of paper? Ask Dorothy Liggett. She was on the verge of graduating from high school in 1942 when her diploma was suddenly withheld. School officials discovered she was married. She had eloped with her boyfriend, who was heading off to World War II, and they had gotten married in Kentucky. That was against school rules, so Dorothy never received her diploma. Until now. School officials in Akron, Ohio, recently apologized and handed Dorothy, 93, her diploma.

Most of us have a box, file, or set of frames with prized documents—certificates, diplomas, awards, souvenirs, memorabilia, and photos. But all our precious documents combined wouldn’t equal the value of just one verse of Scripture.

The Bible is God’s revelation to us, rebuking and exhorting us toward godliness even in dark times. It’s our most valuable document, and when all other papers perish at the end of the world, we’ll be enjoying our lives in heaven, still pouring over God’s priceless book to us.

Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven.

There is no other book can show / Where streams of pardoning mercy flow, / The antidote for human woe, / But this my precious Bible! From an anonymous nineteenth-century poem

Isaiah 20 – 24
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